Commercial Mortgages Application

Executive Summary

  1. Commercial Mortgage Requirement
  Amount requested: 
  Repayment term: 
  Mortgage purpose: 
  If the mortgage is for Capital Raising please tell us how the funds will be used: 
  2. Company Details
  Company Type: 
LTD Company
Sole Trader
  Company Registered Name: 
  Company Registration Number: 
  Years/Months Trading: 
  Office telephone Number: 
  Which lenders does the business have a current relationship with & amount 
  If trading please give an indication of performance
  Gross Profit: 
  Net Profit: 
  Gross Profit: 
  Net Profit: 
  Gross Profit: 
  Net Profit: 
 Company Directors / Partners /Shareholders (More than 20%)
Person 1
  Sharehold %: 
Person 2
  Sharehold %: 
Person 3
  Sharehold %: 
Person 4
  Sharehold %: 
  2. Applicant Details - Every shareholder with more than 25% or more share in the business
  Applicant 1
  Full Name: 
  Previous Name(s): 
  Date of Birth: 
  Telephone/Mobile Numbers: 
  Any adverse credit please detail: 
  Email Address: 
  Residential Status: 
  Value of Residential Property: 
  Outstanding Mortgage: 
  Date Moved In (MM/YYYY): 
  If less than 3 years ago please provide us with your previous address: 
  If owner, property details: 
  Monthly Payments: 
  Any Arrears: 
  If more than one applicant please provide details after section 7
  4. Property to be Mortgaged
  Property Description: 
  Vacant possession upon completion: 
  Purchase price: 
  Current Value: 
  Source of deposit/Evidence: 
  Purchase date & price: 
  Current value: 
  Outstanding mortgage and lender: 
  Name of current lender: 
  Any other charges secured against the property? If yes, please detail: 
  5. Tenancy Details
  Existing rental income: 
  Projected rental income: 
  Existing tenants (+ rent amount): 
  Next review rent date: 
If the property is multi-let then please complete a 'Property Schedule'
  6. Solicitor's Details (if available)
  Name of firm: 
  Business address: 
  Contact Number: 
  Contact Name: 
  7. Company Accountant Details
  Firm Name: 
  Firm Address: 
  Contact's Name: 
  Contact's Phone Number: 
  Contact's Email Address: 
  Contact's Qualifications: 
  Number of years accountant has been working for the company: